take-a-seat in nanotechnology 1Written as a MSc student on 31th August 2009

If someone asks that why do we study on Physics, the answer for me will be that easy, but in some aspects, it’s hard to answer.

As a master student in physics and  a graduate of physics engineering, I realized that if you are not able to apply what you study into daily life, it will always be hard to understand whole picture of your study or it will  take part its place only in books as a theory. How ever, there can be laws such as gravitational law which is not understood well as Newton Isaac discovered, “what goes up must come down” is true on earth. But, if we go further beyond the sun system or if we go deeper to “graviton”, it gets difficult to grasp . Fortunately, I’m not the one who studies this kind of field which will take so much time to get whole picture so I moved into nanotechnology to see life applicable and to make earth more livable. There can be so many areas of nanotechnology that will be listed such as in medicine with diagnose and curing, in industry including electronics, in producing (clean) energy, in space researches, and so on.  These lists can be still increased with the help of your imagination and of course with the help of interdisciplinary studies.

As a result, physics gives an opportunity to me to look at events in a rigth way; not to look at problems, but to  the solutions beyond the problems. Hence, we cannot think life that easy without physics. From general to specialization or from  physics to nanoscience, I will need much more steps in nanotechnology to be a professional with the help of professors in the physics department in the way of being an academic against obstacles on the path. For this reason,  I can honestly tell that I will never stop searching and seeking the answers which are already somewhere around there with us!

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